Iontophoresis is a non-invasive method of delivering medication into the body. This is done through administering a low-level electrical current that repels drug ions through the skin and into the underlying tissue. Some advantages of iontophoresis are: it is virtually painless when properly applied, it provides a solution for those reluctant or unable to receive injections, reduces the risk of infection, the medications are delivered directly to the treatment site, it minimizes potential for tissue trauma, and the treatments are completed in minutes.

Phonophoresis is a form of treatment that is commonly used during physical therapy. Phonophoresis involves the use of medicated gel and ultrasound. The medication is applied to the skin, and then ultrasound waves are used to help pass the medicine through the skin and into the affected area. Phonophoresis is used most often in the treatment of inflammation in muscle, tendon, ligament or other soft tissue in the body, and occasionally it is used to treat pain.

The pharmacists at Bayview Pharmacy have the ability to compound Dexamethasone that may be used with iontophoresis/phonophoresis.  They are easy to use, may cause fewer systemic side effects than their oral counterparts, and custom made to meet your individual needs.

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