Dry, Cracking Skin

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Sodium Hyaluronate 0.5%/Urea 10%/PracaSil™‐Plus Topical Gel (Spira‐Wash™)

Urea 15%/PracaSil™‐Plus Topical Gel (Spira‐Wash™)

Urea 20% Topical Gel (PracaSil™-Plus)

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Cracked skin is a classic symptom of dry skin, but it can also occur in response to scratches or other trauma, or infection. When the skin dries, it can become rough and flaky, with small tears that can lead to deeper cracks called fissures, which can extend into the deeper layers of the skin. We offer many different treatment options for Dry, Cracking Skin affecting your patient(s).

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