Getting Started

Here's a few FAQs about getting started with us.
Who is Bayview Pharmacy?
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Bayview Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy located in Warwick, Rhode Island. What makes us special is that we customize your medication specific to your needs. We service all of RI, MA, CT, ME, and FL.
How does it work?
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Simply ask your doctor to send your prescription directly to Bayview from your old pharmacy. You can also transfer it yourself here.
Do you carry retail medications?
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Since we are a compounding pharmacy, we most likely will not carry retail medications. We cater to compounded prescriptions mainly.
Will my insurance cover it?
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Most insurance companies do not cover compounded prescriptions. This is good, however, due to most insurances being cumbersome. :)

Switching to Bayview

Let's go though how to switch to our pharmacy.
How do I sent a new prescription to Bayview Pharmacy?
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Simply tell your doctor that Bayview is your choice of pharmacy, and they'll send it to us. We will then contact you for further information.
How do I refill my prescription?
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You can either refill online here or call us at (401) 284-4505 and refill over the phone.

For Providers

See how we can help your practice.
How can Bayview Pharmacy help my practice?
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We make the process of filling a compounded prescription the easiest it can be. You can fax us the prescription at (401) 284-4506, or use Surescripts to prescribe electronically.
Is there a cost?
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There is no cost to use Bayview Pharmacy as your patient's compounding pharmacy of choice.
What can you compound?
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We can compound nearly anything that is not a retail medication. We have a state-of-the-art sterile laboratory to prepare sterile compounds as well.

Still have a question?

Call or Text: 1(401) 284 - 4505