BHRT (Bio-identical) HOrmone Replacement Therapy

BHRT is used to supplement your body's own hormone production, which naturally changes with age. Bio-identical hormones are biologically the same as the hormones that the human body naturally produces, therefore they can be properly metabolized, unlike some synthetic hormones. Traditional synthetic treatments are often found to cause unwanted side effects leaving many without a solution. With natural hormone therapy, medications can be tailored to your individual needs. 

types of bhrt available

There are several hormones that our body naturally produces, all which serve their own purpose. BHRT may include the following:

  • Progesterone: a hormone responsible for lowering cholesterol, helping to balance estrogens, improving sleep, lowering blood pressure, protecting against breast cancer, and minimizing the risk of endometrial cancer in women receiving estrogen replacement.
  • Estrone (E1): the primary of the 3 main estrogens which the body produces postmenopausal. It is commonly used in synthetic hormones.
  • Estradiol (E2): the most potent and active estrogen produced before menopause. It is responsible for lowering cholesterol, maintaining bone structure, decreasing fatigue, and maintaining memory.
  • Testosterone: a hormone responsible for maintaining bone strength, increasing muscle strength, increasing sexual interest, and increasing sense of emotion well-being.
  • DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone): precursor of androgen which is then converted to estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in your body. It is responsible for many functions such as decreasing cholesterol, preventing blood clots, increasing bone growth, supporting the immune system, and promoting weight loss.

As well as customized strengths, there are many dose forms in which BHRT can be compounded. These include:

  • Capsules
  • Topical Cream/Gel
  • Vaginal suppositories/capsules
  • Troches (lozenges)
  • Sublingual Suspensions/Drops
  • Oil-Filled capsules
  • Ointments
  • Vaginal Creams/Gels

The Wiley Protocol®

Bayview Pharmacy is the only Wiley Registered Pharmacy™ in Rhode Island.

Teresa S. Wiley is the author of Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival, and Sex, Lies and Menopause. She writes about women's health, particularly sleep and hormonal issues,hormone replacement therapy and bioidentical hormonereplacement therapy. Wiley has developed her own version of BHRT known as the Wiley Protocol.

The Wiley Protocol® is a trademarked, patent protocol hormone replacement therapy (HRT) delivery system.

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