"Each of our patients are unique, their medications should be too.”

Ryan Dyer, Founder
Compounding is the preparation of custom formulations within medicine to fit the unique needs of a patient which cannot be met with commercially available products.

There are many different reasons why a patient might want their prescription filled by our compounding pharmacy. Whether it be for preference such as a better flavor or texture, not being able to swallow a pill, or dietary restrictions, there are endless reasons.

We are bringing compounding to the modern world.

History of Pharmacy
Pharmacists in the 18th century implemented compounding techniques to prepare medicine in their pharmacies. Regular retail pharmacies do not do this, but we do.
Roles within Compounding
The Triad Relationship: Patient, Physician, and Pharmacist relationship. We partner with your physician to find the best treatment option specifically for you.

What makes compounding different?

Custom Made
Unlike retail pharmacies, compounded prescriptions are custom made for every individual.
Cost Effective
Since we make the medications, they are less costly than name-brand retail drugs.
We take into account your specific situation and needs to personalize your prescription.
Insurance Free
Insurances can be burdensome. Most compounds are not covered by major insurances.
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Just for You

Your medication is custom made, just for you.

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