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"The process was amazingly easy."

Kelly used Bayview Pharmacy to get her hormones back on track.
Key Improvements


Hot flashes and vaginal dryness


Sexual function and libido
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My HRT Story: 'Their compounding services have enabled me to take control of my health and live a fuller, happier life.'

My story began when I noticed my hormone levels were out of balance. I was feeling fatigued all the time, had irregular menstrual cycles, and my libido had decreased significantly. I tried to solve the problem through diet and exercise, but nothing seemed to help. That's when a friend recommended Bayview Pharmacy, with their specialized compounding services.

I met with the pharmacist on staff, who recommended a Progesterone/Bi-Est/Testosterone topical cream compounded by Bayview that could help get my hormones back in balance. They consulted with my doctor and created a custom medication tailored to my needs.

I was amazed at how quickly I started to feel better after beginning treatment with the cream. After two months, my hormone levels were normalized, and I had more energy than ever before.

"The team at Bayview Pharmacy took the time to understand my situation and prescribe the right solution for me, which made all the difference."

If you are struggling with abnormal hormone levels, as I did, consider visiting Bayview Pharmacy and speaking with their knowledgeable staff about how they can help you find your success story!

I am so grateful to Bayview Pharmacy for helping me find a solution to regulate my hormone levels. Their compounding services have enabled me to take control of my health and live a fuller, happier life. Thank you!

I highly recommend Bayview Pharmacy's compounding services if you want a solution to balance your hormone levels. It's been life-changing for me. Give them a call today - you won't regret it!

"Can't thank them enough."

James was suffering from ED, but Bayview Pharmacy created a treatment plan that worked.

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