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All-in-one compounding pharmacy solution.

We are a full-service compounding pharmacy, providing everything from individualized pharmaceuticals to hospice care. We are delighted to assist you at every step of the way.

Compounding Services

Learn about the vast number of medical sectors we cater to.

Learn About Compounding

Learn how we compound each of your medications for you.

Our Simple Process

Bayview Pharmacy makes getting your prescriptions easy. Here's how:
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Transfer your existing prescription or have your doctor send a new one.

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"The process was amazingly easy. I wasn't sure how compounded prescriptions worked, but they helped me through it.

Kelly A.
Rhode Island Patient

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team will happily answer any additional questions you might have.
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What is a compounding pharmacy?

Compounding pharmacies are facilities that generate personalized drugs for patients. They are typically used when an over-the-counter drug cannot meet the patient's unique needs or to prevent certain inactive elements such as sugar or preservatives. We use basic ingredients and combine them with additional components to develop medicines that are suited to each individual's needs.

How does it work?

Simply ask your physician to send your prescription directly to Bayview Pharmacy from your old pharmacies. You can also transfer it yourself here.

Who is Bayview Pharmacy?

We are a compounding pharmacy located in Warwick, Rhode Island. What makes us special is that we customize your medicine specifically to your needs.

We service all of RI, MA, CT, NY, and FL.

Will my insurance cover it?

While some insurance companies continue to pay compounded medicines, many do not. We can quickly determine if your medication will be covered by your insurer by providing us with your insurance information.
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Kelley Adams
Hormone Replacement Therapy

Your medication, personalized.

We collaborate with your doctor to tailor your prescriptions to your specific needs.

Have an allergy, can't take tablets, or prefer a different flavor? Our skilled pharmacists and technicians will mix your medications so you can live a happier and healthier life.
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Explore the Bayview Blog

Find resources and learn about the different aspects of compounding through our resource blog.

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Compounding Pharmacies are a little different.

We are not your regular big-box retail pharmacy. We pride ourselves in taking a much more personalized, friendly approach to medicine.


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Why Bayview?

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The state of Bayview.

We currently service all of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Florida. More are coming soon!


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