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We're here to help you get the personalized medicine you deserve. Most orders ship next business day once approved.

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Easy Process  •   Low Pricing  •   Custom Made

How It Works

Send in a prescription
Transfer your existing prescription or have your doctor send a new one.
We make it
We'll compound the medication to fit your specific needs.
Receive your medicine
Your prescription is shipped to you in discreet packaging.

What makes compounding different?

Custom Made
Unlike retail pharmacies, compounded prescriptions are custom made for every individual.
Cost Effective
Since we make the medications, they are less costly than name-brand retail drugs.
We take into account your specific situation and needs to personalize your prescription.
Insurance Free
Insurances can be burdensome. Most compounds are not covered by major insurances.

Our Patients

“The process was amazingly easy. I wasn't sure how compounding prescriptions worked, but they helped me though it.”


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By the Numbers

We save our
patients money.

Compounding prescriptions lets us cut out
"the middle man".

Name Brand medications can be expensive
We use raw ingredients to prepare medications
Our staff works with you to get the best price

Our pharmacists are here to help.

The team is always here to answer your questions about your prescription and health.

Compounded prescriptions don't have to be complicated. We're here to make it easy.
Hi Sarah! How can we help?
How do I refill my prescription?
You can refill it right here!
Thank you! 😃

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compounding pharmacy.

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