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Ryan Dyer, RPh.

Ryan D. Dyer, Owner and Pharmacist in Charge, graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy. Ryan moved back to Maine which is where he grew up and briefly worked for Wal-Mart as a pharmacy manager in Bangor, Auburn, and Palmyra Maine.

Sublingual Semaglutide: A Game-Changer in Diabetes Management and Weight Loss

Are you struggling with weight loss, and having trouble filling your semaglutide prescription? You've come to the right place.

Understanding the Basics of Nutrition: A Guide for Newbies to Eating Healthy

For anyone looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle, navigating the load of nutrition information can be overwhelming. Have no fear - you don't have to become an expert immediately! Instead, begin with grasping the fundamentals, and soon enough you'll understand how to make better choices for your wellbeing.

Compounded Minoxidil Solutions: A Personalized Approach to Hair Loss Treatment

Are you struggling with hair loss? Don't panic! Bayview Pharmacy is here to help.

Compounding BLT Topicals: An Effective Solution for Dermatological Procedures

If you're about to undertake a dermatological procedure, Bayview Pharmacy offers an effective solution for numbing your skin beforehand – BLT topical creams and gels.

Jack Newman's Nipple Ointment is the Top Choice for Breastfeeding Mothers

Jack Newman's all-purpose nipple ointment is one of the top choices for many mothers, and it couldn't come more highly recommended.

Ketamine Nasal Spray: An Alternative Treatment Option for Pain Management

Do you want to find relief from persistent pain? Ketamine nasal spray is becoming a sought-after solution due to its safety and efficacy.

How Low-Dose Naltrexone Can Improve Your Quality of Life

LDN is a personalized medication that we specialize in here at Bayview Pharmacy, and it has demonstrated tremendous success in treating numerous conditions.

Innovative Treatments for Nail Fungus using Compounded Medications

Are you one of the millions of people in America suffering from a fungal nail infection? If so, you may be curious about your treatment alternatives.

Easing the Pain of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders with Compounded Medications

If you're one of the millions who suffer from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, then you understand how agonizing and debilitative these afflictions can be. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments that could assist in relieving your pain and optimizing your quality of life.

Customized Skincare Solutions: An Introduction to Dermatology Compounding

Our pharmacy creates customized formulas for each patient's skin needs. We ensure that these special mixtures consider your unique demands and deliver results like no other product can offer.

Atropine Ophthalmic Drops for the Prevention of Myopia Progression

Bayview Pharmacy offers many different atropine ophthalmic drops for our patients, including: Atropine 0.01% Ophthalmic Drops, Atropine 0.02% Ophthalmic Drops, and Atropine 0.05% Ophthalmic Drops.

Exploring Compounded Alternatives to Opioids for Safe Pain Management

Forging an alternative route to relief, compounded medications provide a welcomed option for those seeking ease of pain and suffering. These specialized treatments offer a new choice for managing discomfort without relying solely on pills or capsules.

Balancing Your Hormones With Hormone Replacement Therapy

With HRT, you'll be able to take control of your changing hormones and maintain balance within your body.

Clomid: A Potential Treatment for Hypogonadism or Low Serum Testosterone Levels

Clomid has proven to be an excellent way of treating low serum testosterone levels in men. This medication stimulates the pituitary gland, prompting it to release a luteinizing hormone which subsequently boosts the testes' testosterone production.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy For Women: What You Need to Know

For those who have had difficulty finding a viable source of TRT medications, Bayview Pharmacy is here to help! We offer the highest standards for quality medications and treatments at affordable prices - make us your trusted partner in health today!

Customized Relief: The Benefits of Compounded Rectal Rockets

Rectal rockets, commonly known as suppositories, are effective medications to alleviate the symptoms and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids or anal fissures.

Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen Shortage: How Compounding Pharmacies Can Help

At Bayview Pharmacy, we recognize these medications' importance and the requirement for dependable access. Therefore, we take pride in providing our services as a compounding pharmacy to alleviate those impacted by this shortage.

A Comprehensive Guide to Immune-Boosting Supplements

Our immune system is a web of intricately connected body parts that form a unique defense mechanism against harmful bacteria and viruses. It's essential for our physical health to have strong immunity, as it prevents any potential risks from entering our bodies. With its ability to recognize danger quickly, the human immune system provides optimal protection daily!

Treating Dry Socket: The Benefits of Dry Socket Paste

A dry socket is an agonizing dental issue that could manifest following a tooth extraction. As such, it's essential to be aware of the potential risk factors associated with this condition and recognize the signs and symptoms that may arise. With these aspects known and monitored closely, timely treatment can ensue for effectively reducing pain and aiding recovery.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT): A Complete Overview

Learn about all things TRT and the compounded treatments available.

Oxytocin: The Love Hormone with Multiple Uses

As a compounding pharmacy, we provide a variety of oxytocin formulae to fulfill the individual needs of our patients.

Horny Goat Weed vs Viagra: What's the Difference?

If you've looked for natural Viagra alternatives, you've probably come across horny goat weed. But what exactly is horny goat weed, and how does it differ from Viagra? This article will examine these compounds in greater detail and discuss their potential benefits and cons.

Viagra: The Most Well-Known Erectile Dysfunction Drug

Learn about Viagra and why it's the most well-known ED drug to date.

Palliative Care: Easing the Suffering of Chronic Illness

5 Easy Ways to Get Started With Exercise

Compounding Sublingual Medications

Prescribing medications and filling prescriptions is common practice among physicians since a particular drug can provide therapeutic, pain-relieving, or other beneficial effects for a patient. These benefits, as well as other therapies prescribed by your doctor, can lead to a favorable treatment outcome.

Compounding and Retail Pharmacies: What's the Difference?

Compounding and retail pharmacies: what's the difference? Compounding pharmacies are more specialized than retail pharmacies because they can customize medications and make unique formulations. Retail pharmacists typically do not provide these same types of services because they specialize in filling prescriptions as written without modifying them based on a patient's unique needs.